• Our unique system pairs two tags – one within the user’s luggage and another to be installed as an app on the user’s mobile device. These two tags, work together using a combination of GPS, GSM, WiFi and low-energy Bluetooth to relay tracking and location information.
  • Travelers can independently define and set a perimeter around their luggage. Our app also allows users to program text,email alerts and/or in-app notifications if their bags leave their set perimeter.
  • LugTrack devices will also record data on rough handling of a user’s luggage, alerting them when and where their belongings may have been mishandled.

AvailableTracking Modes

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GEOTRACKING MODE by activating this mode on any of your Lugtrack devices, you will get a location report of your luggage every 5 minutes, as well as a special alert if it has been moved vigorously.

PLANE MODE activate this mode as soon as you’ve checked your luggage with the airlines! Your app will create a report of the device’s location every 5 minutes. Keep the app open on your smartphone and Lugtrack will also keep track of your position and how far away you are from your luggage. Better yet, this mode will notify you if the distance between you and your luggage is bigger than it should be - if your luggage is left behind or made it on the wrong flight, you’ll be the FIRST to know!

HOTEL MODE with this mode activated, Lugtrack will automatically note the current location of your luggage as a “base.” If your luggage is moved, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone and if it continues to move, LugTrack will start to record its positioning every 5 minutes.

SHIPPING MODE using a delivery service so you can travel lightly? Use this mode to moni- tor your LugTrack device as it travels with your shipment. When your luggage is idle for a longer period of time, Lugtrack will note this as a base location. Once your shipment starts moving again you will receive a push notifica- tion and a report of its positioning every 5 minutes.