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The company is pre-commercial and is currently developing a cost-effective device comprised of a GPS tracking unit that combines two separate tags: one provided to the user and one coupled to an object to be tracked. The tags will be linked with LugTrack’s GeoPerimeter™ transmitters that will provide the user with real-time information relating to the location of the tagged items as follows:

  • One tag on the asset and the other with the passenger / owner of the asset. The passenger /owner tag can be installed on a mobile phone.
  • The user can independently define and set the perimeter of operation.
  • Alarm sent immediately via text or email if object leaves pre defined geographic perimeter.
  • Location and tracking information will be available using GPS and GPS/Cellular signal.

The company was awarded United States Patent # 8253557B2 on August 28, 2012 and is also working on adding to its current IP portfolio for additional developmental technology and IP protection.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve safety, security and peace of mind!

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LugTrack™ Company
& Technology Overview

LugTrack is an emerging technology company that provides intelligent, real-time GPS tracking technology with applications for airline baggage handling, luggage manufacturers and owners/manufacturers of firearms.

Its proprietary products will provide both the traveling public and firearm owners with an individualized GPS tracking tool that offers enhanced location and security data for an article of value, such as a checked bag, a piece of luggage, or a firearm.