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LugTrack was awarded US patent #8253557B2 to track luggage on on August 28, 2012 to begin work on our unique luggage tracking system. Designed to take the stress out of Travel and put you in control of your bags, our patented Intelligent Tracking Technology system leverages GPS, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth to give the connected traveler unprecedented access to their luggage and it’s whereabouts.

We’re currently pairing with airlines and luggage manufacturers to put our patented technology at traveler’s fingertips, because we believe that while traveling in style may be a luxury, knowing where your belongings are shouldn’t be, which gives you a peace of mind.

We distribute our "Where's My Bag" technology through our subsidiary LugTrack Technologies LugTrack Technologies



Mike Allen

President and CEO

Works tirelessly to make traveling in style a given for LugTrack’s customers, rather than a luxury. He brings years of experience in sales and business development at tech start-ups to the table at LugTrack, working to oversee all areas of company operations, including business development and strategy.

Dr. Nasser Ani

Company Chairman

Began working to make better luggage tracking a reality when he, his son and wife, Dr. Samar Shami, lost their bags on what was supposed to be a stress-free trip. When he’s not providing oversight and direction to LugTrack operations, Dr. Ani is working at his growing orthopedic practice.

Denise Brouder


Ms. Brouder has extensive experience in financial and operation control, having spent time at top tier institutions; the former Merrill Lynch and as VP at Goldman Sachs. More recently Ms. Brouder has played a strategic role in the development and growth of several technology startups. Ms. Brouder holds an undergraduate degree in Economics & Finance from the University of Limerick, Ireland and MBA from Fordham University, NYC.