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LugTrack is proud to have partnered with TUMI and AT&T to bring it’s first product to the market on July 5, 2017, the TUMI Global Locator.

LugTrack utilizes a multi-method global tracking system to providing the most accurate locational data in the world, no matter what type of wireless connectivity is available. Most tracking solutions work on bluetooth only; which means it can only provide close-range tracking. Other tracking solutions rely cell tower signals to identify a general area, but are not able to identify an exact location. LugTrack offers the only tracking system that utilizes the combination of GPS + Cell + WiFi + BLE signals, to pinpoint real-time locations, within a few meters of accuracy.

LugTrack’s device is classified as a Portable Electronic Device (PED), is in compliance with and meets the requirements of, the latest FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 91.21.1D issued dated October 27, 2017 for use of electronic devices aboard aircraft. For complete information on the FAA Circular (AC) 91.21-1D, please visit:

No, if your company wants the ability to internally track and monitor its high-value assets, LugTrack will work directly with your team to create a custom tracking device and user interface to best suit your needs.

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LugTrack, LLC is a leading provider for high performance asset tracking solutions. Backed by our patented technology and an industry standard based open plug and play architecture, LugTrack offers a unique Asset Tracking as a Service platform to track luggage, cargo, containers, vehicles and personnel with minimal capital expenditure.